Electude - Game-based learning
Electude has revolutionized vocational e-learning. Through the use of exciting, interactive animations and simulations, Electude game-based learning is the most effective and fun learning method in automotive education.

The Electude way of learning

The Electude team is driven by a vision to fundamentally change the way people acquire knowledge and skills — by making it fun, effective and efficient. All of our interactive lessons are based on ‘learning by doing’. The result is a highly intuitive, engaging and fun e-learning program, which students and teachers alike are rapidly embracing around the globe.

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Who we are

With clients in over 50 countries spread over 6 continents, Electude is a true educational innovator that provides the most effective and comprehensive automotive e-learning solution available. We pride ourselves in focusing on teachers and trainers by equipping them with the techniques, tools and training to give their students the best educational experience possible.

What we do

The focus, specialty and passion of Electude is developing simulation-based e-learning solutions. We have drawn great inspiration from the gaming industry.

Our e-learning allows students to learn about the complete vehicle, from bumper to bumper, teaching them how to maintain and repair cars, by using interactive animations and simulations. The result of this fun-based approach to learning is that students and trainees are achieving better results.

Why Electude

  1. Students & trainees learn faster and retain more
  2. Electude has been developed with the digital generation in mind
  3. Electude is interactive, inspired by gaming and is great fun
  4. Electude is constantly updated
  5. Electude contains the latest technologies
  6. Electude costs you much less than traditional teaching materials

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Certifications and Awards

CASE accredited

Electude is the first automotive e-learning publisher to be CASE accredited for instructor-led training.

NATEF compliant

Electude is compliant with NATEF standards including Standard 12.



Acknowledged by IMI and IMI Awards as leading teaching resource provider. Electude is available through IMI Awards and compliant with their standards.


Winner of the Motortec award for innovation in Spain.