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ATC students recommend Argo




Interview Parts & People

Electude's e-learning platform makes textbooks a thing of the past


Electude - Profesor utilizando Argo en clase


Integration of Common Core state standards in NY

The Automotive Technology Department at Nassau BOCES in New York is working with the English and Science Department on the integration of the Common Core state standards by using Argo.


News report of Argo being used at Bromley college

Modern cars don't break down very often. So developing essential fault-finding skills is not something that an apprentice mechanic can simply leave to on-the-job training anymore. And whilst engine test rigs have their place, Errol Ince, head of motor vehicle at Bromley College, is now an evangelist for an e-alternative.


'IMI Annual Dinner 2012

IMI Annual Dinner 2012 with a contribution from Marten Stavenga, Country Manager Electude UK


AAITF 2011 Conference

Electude's CCO, Thomas Snyder, being interviewed at the AAITF Conference in Guangzhou, China in February, 2011



Thompson Auto Lab Forum

Thought I would post some links to demos from a very progessive e-learning site called Electude in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that it's web based I think that the demos provide a pretty real "hands on" type learning experience. I had fun and I hope others might also enjoy!


The Otomotif College in Kuala Lumpur

To prepare our students for the sophisticated and electronically complex automobiles they will face in the workplace, TOC has invested heavily in the latest technology based training and equipment. Our commitment to provide the best automotive education is reflected in the millions of Ringgit spent on sophisticated software, high-end branded equipment and cutting-edge facilities throughout the college.



Article on The Otomotif College

The Otomotif College has brought a difference to the local motor industry by producing a new breed of skilled, thinking technicians.

NOR Afiqah Ibrahim is no ordinary girl. The 20-year-old student from The Otomotif College (TOC) had done an overhaul of a luxury car — by no means an ordinary feat for someone who is still learning the ropes.



IMI Awards

IMI Awards now has two QCF recognised Hybrid Electrical Vehicle qualifications. We also have agreements with e-learning supplier, Electude, who can offer our approved centres free teaching and learning materials.


Georgia Educational Solutions

Designed to meet the needs of today's automotive "digital natives", ARGO provides over 420 cutting edge modules that offer an amazing range of interactive animations and simulations designed to help prepare your students for servicing and preventative maintenance of today's highly technical automobiles.

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Electude is extremely proud of its customers. Argo has always been developed with the teachers and trainers in mind.

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As natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, Electude is actively trying to reduce its ecological footprint.

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Electude's development team produces on average 2-3 new modules every week.

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Electude is a company on a clear mission to make vocational education more effective, accessible and fun.

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Argo is Electude's e-learning solution. It is being used by students and professionals in over 40 countries in 5 continents.

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Argo is fun and clearly works which is why it is being used from Kuala Lumpur to Kansas City.

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At present Argo is being translated into over 20 languages, 10 of which are already complete.


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