I forgot my password

If you cannot remember your password anymore, you can simply solve this by clicking on ‘Forgotten password’ underneath the log in window. Click on it, enter your e-mail address and the characters from the image before clicking on ‘ok’. Once done, you’ll receive an e-mail from Electude LMS with instructions to reset your password.

When this doesn’t work

If you cannot find the link to reset your password or this doesn’t work, there is another solution for you.

Try the above procedure first. If you are unable to reset your password yourself, please contact your teacher or administrator (if you are a teacher yourself). He or she will be able to reset your password if you provide him or her your username and e-mail address.

Resetting a students password

Teachers are able to reset the password of a student. Simply go the students tab and use the search tool on the left side to find the student. Click on the name following by the pencil icon at the top. You’ll see a window where you can create a new password for your student.