Conversely you can import SCORM content aggregation packages with external content for use in the LMS, when your license allows it. The SCORM package then is converted into a new course, while SCOs and assets are converted into modules. Click the icon + ‘New course’, select ‘Import SCORM package as new course’ and upload the SCORM package. This a file in PIF format (Package Interchange File), which is a zip file with a special structure. After import the converted modules can also be used in other courses. Note: SCORM 1.2 packages are fully supported, but for SCORM 2004 packages there is no support for Sequencing and Navigation. All imsss:sequencing tags in the SCORM manifest are ignored. When a SCO uses these date from the manifest, it may be that the SCO does not work in the Electude LMS. Note: for a correct display of the student results in the progress bar of the Electude LMS it is necessary that a SCO reports both the score and the progress of a student. Because there is no possibility to report progress numerically in SCORM 1.2, the progress bar of such module can only show relevant information when the student has completed the module.