The benefits of Electude at a glance

Electude’s e-learning platform is designed to address the reality that most technical learners prefer hands-on learning. Our gamification, interaction, animations and simulations keep students engaged. Teachers also benefit from Electude’s e-learning. You can easily view the progress of your classes, as well as the results of individual students. Because of the way the LMS is built, teachers have the freedom to put together their own curriculum and can even build their own lessons.

Track the progress of your groups

Students complete online lessons, tests and quizzes. These scores are automatically recorded for groups and individual students. Teachers don’t have to check coursework themselves, saving valuable time that can be spent on teaching. Results are displayed per group, giving you an instant overview of their performance per subject.

View the results of individual students

Scores of lessons, tests and quizzes are being recorded at the individual level. This means that you can not only see the results of your groups, but also those of each individual student. This gives you insight into the progress of each student, making it easier to see which student could use some extra help.

View a student’s answers

The answers students give in their lessons, tests and quizzes are also recorded by the system. Teachers can easily review these. This allows you to see exactly what each student answered, and how many attempts it took to get to the right answer.

Build your own curriculum

Electude offers a very extensive program of modules. However, not every module will be relevant to all students. Some will be too easy or still too difficult for the students, or the subjects will only be covered later in the course. Therefore, it is possible to build your own curriculum. By simply selecting a course and dragging it to the appropriate group, within seconds you can create a unique curriculum for each group that fits the needs and challenges of those students.

DIY your own lesson

Do you want to build your own lesson or test? You can! Thanks to the self-build (DIY) feature, teachers can convert their own content into a module in the LMS. The process is very simple, and the possibilities are endless.

Did we spark your curiosity?

Are you curious to see what Electude can do for your students, organization and goals? Don’t hesitate and request a free trial today.