ConsuLab Training Aids

Electude and Consulab have partnered in North America to combine Electude’s e-learning and Consulab’s training aids. Electude’s e-learning teaches students to use each training aid and provides hands-on activities using the training aid. Under a separate license, Electude also provides related theory content. Available in the United States ands Canada.

ConsuLab CL-1918

Teach the working principles of vehicle lighting systems. This practical setup consists of three panels representing the front, back and side lighting of a vehicle. They are operated by the center control panel consisting of switches, fuses, relays and more. Student will learn to read wiring diagrams, connect and test (sub)systems. Student will also learn to troubleshoot system defects by the use of an 12x faultbox and step-by-step guidance. This set-up is perfect to train students in their basic electrical- and diagnosis skills.

ConsuLab MP-1918

Teach the working principles of CAN-bus and network communication. This practical set-up consists of four control units, switches, sensors and a lighting system, representing a fully operational CAN- bus network that communicate via the J-1939 protocol. Both analog and digital signals can be measured with a multimeter or oscilloscope. In addition, sensor values can be made visible through an information display. The Trainer is also equipped with 12x faultbox. This set-up is ideal for teaching the principles of CAN-bus networks, CAN-bus communication, CAN-bus diagnostics and CAN-bus lighting systems.

ConsuLab EM-200-25 Speed and Position Sensors Training Aid

Learners develop diagnostic skills using this blended e-learning and mechanical training aid package.  The combination of Electude’s e-learning modules with ConsuLab’s table top sensors training aid creates a dynamic, hands-on environment for every level of learner. The package covers some of the most common analog and digital sensors, including hall effect and magneto resistance.

ConsuLab EM-200-14 Coil on Plug Ignition Systems Training Aid

Using this benchtop training aid, students can clearly visualize the ignition system and complete hands-on activities designed to reinforce lesson modules. Four operational faults can be inserted with terminal block receptacles as diagnostic test points. The training aid also includes:

  • Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor
  • Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Electric motor-driven crankshaft and/or crankshaft sprockets
  • OBD II data link connectors
  • Wiring diagrams in both the courseware and the training aid

ConsuLab CL-1919-05 Ohm’s Law & DC Circuits Training Aid

Students learn basic electric and electronic theory with a combination of Electude lessons, this ConsuLab training aid and follow-up activities. The training aid includes a multimeter, as well as jumper wires to allow students to build circuits for various components, learn series and parallel circuit construction and complete measurements and diagnosis.

ConsuLab EM-200-22 EVAP Training Aid

Teach the basics of the EVAP with this combination of Electude modules and ConsuLab’s desktop EVAP training aid. E-learning modules teach the purpose of emissions systems, explain leak tests and demonstrate how to identify and test valves and sensors. The training aid reinforces these concepts with functional fuel tanks, valves, sensors, controls, and DVOM test points.

ConsuLab EM-330 Fuel Injection and Engine Management Trainer

Teach the working principles of a fully function Engine Management system but within the advantages of a safe learning environment. Due to the presence of control buttons, sensor values can be changed, and the Engine Management system will respond to this with the control of its actuators. This allows the functioning of the system (cause and effect) to be experienced and understood by students. Because the Trainer has a Break-out box with measurement connections and an OBD-plug, students can perform measurements on the system using a multimeter, oscilloscope or diagnostic tester.

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