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Technical support and training
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LMS Integration Support
Contact: David McNulty
Phone: 1781-577-6757

35 Braintree Hill Office Park, Suite 402
Braintree, MA 02184


Account managers USA

All private colleges: Darrel Christopher,
Alabama: Clara Bowser,
Alaska: Darcy Wedel,
Arizona: Darcy Wedel,
Arkansas: Clara Bowser,
California (northern): Darcy Wedel,
California (Southern): Clara Bowser,
Central: Darcy Wedel,
Colorado: Darcy Wedel,
Connecticut: Matt Bishop,
Delaware: Darrell Christopher,
District of Columbia: Darrell Christopher,
Florida: Clara Bowser,
Georgia: Clara Bowser,
Hawaii: Darcy Wedel,
Idaho: Darcy Wedel,
Illinois: Darrell Christopher,
Indiana: Darrell Christopher,
Iowa: Darcy Wedel,
Kansas: Darcy Wedel,
Kentucky: Darrell Christopher,
Louisiana: Clara Bowser,
Maine: Matt Bishop,
Maryland: Darrell Christopher,
Massachusetts: Matt Bishop,
Michigan: Darrell Christopher,
Minnesota: Darcy Wedel,
Mississippi: Clara Bowser,
Missouri: Darrell Christopher,
Montana: Darcy Wedel,
Nebraska: Darcy Wedel,
Nevada: Darcy Wedel,
New Hampshire: Matt Bishop,
New Jersey: Matt Bishop,
New Mexico: Darcy Wedel,
New York: Matt Bishop,
North Carolina: Darrell Christopher,
North Dakota: Darcy Wedel,
Ohio: Darrell Christopher,
Oklahoma: Darcy Wedel,
Oregon: Darcy Wedel,
Pennsylvania: Matt Bishop,
Rhode Island: Matt Bishop,
South Carolina: Clara Bowser,
South Dakota: Darcy Wedel,
Tennessee: Clara Bowser,
Vermont: Matt Bishop,
Texas: Darcy Wedel,
Virginia: Darrell Christopher,
Washington: Darcy Wedel,
West Virginia: Darrell Christopher,
Wisconsin: Darrell Christopher,
Wyoming: Darcy Wedel,

Canada – Cognisco Technologies

Contact: Jean Larivière
Phone: +1 (418) 948 4050

207-20655 Frank-Carrel Street
G1N 2G1, Québec, QC