COVID-19 Safety Courses

CCAR, working in cooperation with NCCER and Electude, has developed online COVID-19 Safety courses perfect for skilled trades education. These courses come in two versions:

  • COVID-19 Safety for Automotive
  • COVID-19 Safety for Career and Technical Education

The courses are offered for just $99.00 for a 12-month subscription, with an unlimited number of students. For adopters of CCAR’s E-Safety course, the COVID-19 courses are included for no additional cost (just $349.00 for a 12-month subscription, with an unlimited number of students).



Both courses are built in Electude’s modular format and include:

  • Very limited amounts of reading
  • Formative assessment questions on every screen
  • Illustrations on every screen

Topics covered include:

Core competencies, pathogen description, symptoms and treatment, PPE, social distancing, health monitoring, warning signage, shop and lab station safe handling, disinfectant protocols, regulations and administrative responsibility, and resources.

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