Car mechanics simulator


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of car mechanics? Look no further than Electude’s Engine Management Simulator, the ultimate car mechanics simulator designed to provide a highly realistic and immersive experience. With a wide range of features and benefits, our online car simulator empowers students, instructors, and enthusiasts to practice, learn, and excel in the art of automotive diagnostics. Try Electude’s car mechanics simulator for free!


Try the car mechanics simulator for free!


Unleash your diagnostic skills in a realistic car mechanics simulator
Electude’s online car mechanic simulator offers users the opportunity to hone their diagnostic abilities in a highly authentic car mechanics simulator. Step into the shoes of a skilled mechanic and tackle various automotive faults and challenges. With our simulator, you can diagnose faults individually, collaborate with your team, or participate in a classroom setting. The possibilities are endless, and the learning experience in our mechanic simulation is unparalleled.


Countless faults and customisation options

Our car mechanics simulator comes pre-loaded with hundreds of pre-built faults, covering a wide range of engine management issues. From electrical malfunctions to sensor failures, our car mechanics simulator covers it all. But that’s not all – the Engine Management Simulator also offers the ability to create and customise faults according to your specific needs. This ensures that you can tailor the simulation to match real-world scenarios, making your learning experience in our car mechanics simulator more relevant and practical.


Seamless integration and content customisation

Electude’s Engine Management Simulator seamlessly integrates with various learning management systems (LMS) and supports SCORM, xApi, and LTI integrations. This allows for easy integration into existing educational platforms and provides a hassle-free experience for instructors and students alike. Additionally, our DIY authoring tool enables you to add your own content, further enhancing the customisation options and flexibility of our car mechanics simulator.

Always up-to-date and mobile-friendly

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the automotive industry. That’s why Electude’s Engine Management Simulator features continuously updated content, ensuring that you are always learning the most relevant and current information in our car mechanics simulator. Moreover, our online car simulator is mobile device-enabled, allowing you to access the immersive experience anytime, anywhere, from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.


A reliable and accessible solution

At Electude, we prioritize reliability and accessibility. Our car mechanics simulator boasts an impressive 99.9% uptime, ensuring uninterrupted access to the online car mechanic simulator whenever you need it. Whether you’re a student, an instructor, or an automotive enthusiast, you can rely on our car mechanics simulator to deliver a seamless and uninterrupted learning experience.


The Electude online car simulator, free to use!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your diagnostic skills and explore the fascinating world of automotive diagnostics in our car mechanic simulator 2023. Join Electude’s Engine Management Simulator and unlock a realm of knowledge, problem-solving, and discussions in our immersive car mechanics simulator. Click below to access the simulator tool and embark on an immersive journey of learning and discovery.


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