Heavy Vehicles

Discovery-based e-learning about heavy vehicles

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicle solutions

Most engineering students prefer to learn by doing. That is why we have designed a modular industry-leading curriculum that addresses this reality. The modules use gamification principles and interactive tools such as animations and simulations, keeping students engaged. Formative assessments at every level ensure the learner’s understanding of the content before being able to advance to the next level.

Teachers have a wealth of customizable resources at their fingertips. They have the ability to get a good picture of where students are through learning objective-based information. This shows them where they need to spend more time explaining. Both group and individual results can be analyzed, allowing teachers to easily improve student learning outcomes.

model of a heavy vehicle motor exterior

Heavy Vehicle Systems

Heavy Vehicle Systems includes coverage of critical areas of heavy vehicles including electricity and electronics, steering and suspension, brakes and HVAC. Our discovery-based and gamified lesson modules make learning dynamic, effective and much more fun. It has been designed to align to national qualifications standards around the globe.

Heavy Vehicle Systems offers learning materials at three levels: basic, advanced and specialist. All modules are linked to learning objectives and include a final assessment for each module. Teachers receive progress analysis for each student as well as an entire class. In addition, students and teachers can provide immediate feedback in the system.

computer display of heavy vehicle learning module and automotive air flow

  • Hundreds of lessons & quizzes
  • Organized by subject
  • DIY tool to create your own lessons
  • Build your own curriculum
  • Tekst-to-speech tool reads content out loud
  • Multiple languages included
  • Mobile device-enabled
  • 99,9% uptime


  • HVAC
  • Air brakes
  • Chassis
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Gearbox and clutch
  • Hydraulics
  • Lighting
  • Maintenance
  • Networks
  • Physics
  • Safety and environment
  • Starting and charging system
  • Steering system
  • Tools
  • Trailer refrigeration
  • Wheel suspension
  • Wheels and tyres

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