Meeting the COVID-19 challenge

April 20, 2020 | Waltham, Massachusetts

Electude Signs Up 1,500 New Schools With Its COVID-19 Support Offer

Electude International announced today that more than 1,500 new schools have signed up for its offer for automotive and heavy vehicle programs affected by COVID-19. This pandemic has forced automotive educators around the world into the unprecedented situation of needing to teach their students from home. In response to this acute challenge, Electude took action in the beginning of March with a series of offers to customers and non- customers alike. The company is offering its educational and partner products to new users free of charge through August 1. In addition, Electude is offering unlimited expanded use of the same suite of solutions to its existing customers for the same period.

Electude is the world’s leading automotive e-learning solution used in over seventy countries, by thousands of schools, hundreds of thousands of students and in over thirty languages. As an online product, Electude provides a comprehensive teaching solution when automotive students need to study from home. Educators around the world are now using Electude as the main component of their distance learning during the pandemic – including many new schools in the United States, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Peru, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Great Britain, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Israel, China, South Korea, Japan and others. Furthermore, Electude is also hosting daily training webinars to help instructors prepare to succeed when using Electude.

A dedicated email address has been set up for automotive educators seeking solutions for their students at home: Additional information can also be found on the Electude website.

Thomas Snyder, Chief Commercial Officer of Electude, stated “at Electude, teachers and students are our first priority. We are humbled by the massive response we have had and are dedicated to meeting the challenge of deploying to so many new users in a very short period of time.”

Mr. Snyder further said “automotive education involves a lot of people but is really a rightly knit community. Our feeling was that the least we could do under such extraordinary circumstances was to act decisively and quickly to offer assistance.”

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