At the bottom of the settings page your rights are displayed. Only the administrator can edit your rights. The functionality described in this manual may not be fully available to you, since you do not have the rights to do certain operations.

The rights of teachers are grouped as follows:

  • Editing students and groups:

    • Creating a group

    • Editing a group

    • Deleting a group

    • Moving a group

    • Creating a student account

    • Editing a student account

    • Deleting a student from a group

    • Adding a student to another group

  • Deleting students:

    • Deleting a student account permanently from the system

    • Deleting all data associated with a student account permanently

    • Restoring a student account within one week after deletion

  • Editing content:

    • Adding a module

    • Editing a module

    • Deleting a module

    • Creating a course

    • Editing a course

    • Assigning modules to a course

    • Deleting a course

    • Adding, editing or deleting a certificate template

    • Link performance indicators

  • Assigning content:

    • Assigning (or removing) modules to a group or a student

    • Assigning (or removing) courses to a group or a student

    • Limiting access of a group to a sub course

    • Grant a student or group access to tests

  • View modules:

    • Start and use a module

  • Grade results

    • Delete an individual result of a module

    • Edit the individual result of a module, as this is not automatically determined

    • Assign a grade to performance indicators for the individual results of a module

  • Grant certificates:

    • Grant a course certificate to a student

  • Delete certificates:

    • Delete a certificate that has been granted to a student.

  • Only access to results of group content

    • Access to student results of modules that are assigned to the group

    • Access to grades on performance indicators to the results

    • Access to certificates associated with courses assigned to the group

    • No access to the results of all modules the student has finished in the past

    • No access to content assigned to students individually

    • No access to other certificates of the student

    • No access to the student profile with global averages

  • Export student data

    • Export student results as CSV file

    • Export scores of performance indicators as CSV file

    • Export list of students as CSV file

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