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In the LMS you study content that is specially selected for you. The content is divided into modules. You access the modules through the menu. The site stores your progress for every module. When you log in later, you proceed where you left off. Your teacher will monitor your results. The main menu is the horizontal bar at the top of the page that contains different tabs. The active tab has a distinctive color. You go to another tab by clicking it.

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A student session in Electude

Account settings

In account settings you can edit your email address and select a different language. You can also change your password. You need to enter a new password twice. Note: you cannot edit your username. Your username and your password are both case sensitive.

As an extra security measure two factor authentication can be set up. If this function is active you have to enter a verification code in addition to your password. This 6 digit verification code is generated by an authenticator app on a mobile phone, based on a secret key. The correct verification code continuously varies in time. The key can be saved in the app by scanning a QR code or by entering or copying it manually. Without the secret key, you cannot log in, so carefully store the key in the authenticator app. Any app that support the TOTP protocol (Time-based One-Time Password) should work. When the verification code is entered you can indicate to trust the device you are using to log in for 1 week. During this week no verification code needs to be entered to log in. The password in combination with the username is always required to log in. If you switched on two factor authentication, this page shows all trusted devices. Click on the icon X in the row of a trusted device to delete it.

Activate a voucher

How to activate your Electude access voucher? Before starting make sure that you have:

1. your student username & password

2. Domain*

* Check the field “Domain” on your access voucher. Contact your teacher/trainer if you do not have this information.

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This tab displays all the certificates you have or are eligible for. A certificate is linked to (a part of) your content. The teachers grades your performance based on your content results. If you have met all requirements, the teacher will grant you a certificate. You can download a granted certificate as a PDF file.


This tab displays all modules that are available for you. The modules are grouped into different topics. If several topics are available, you will see them listed in the menu on the left. The selected topic will have a different color. You can navigate to another topic by clicking on it. The topics under the heading ‘My group’s content’ has been distributed by your teacher to all students in your group. The topics selected by your teacher just for you can be found under the heading ‘My individual content’. New modules have a bright color. You can recognize modules you started before, by their color.

When click on the module, you get more information about it. You see how often you started the module, how much time you have spent and what your progress is. The colors in the progress bar show your performance:

  • green: finished correctly

  • red: finished incorrectly

  • grey: finished, but with unknown result

  • white: not finished yet

You can open a module by clicking the button of an arrow Start module. When you have completely finished a module, the module will turn grey. You can later review the lessons you have finished by clicking on ‘Old lessons’ under the heading My history. Your history will be kept for five years.

Tests are special modules you need to finish in a certain amount of time. It may happen you cannot access a test yet, because it is locked for you. Locked test are recognizable by this icon:  . Your teacher has to unlock the test for you first, before you can start it. When you have finished a test, you cannot reopen it. If you pass a test, it turns green. You recognize a test you failed by its red color.

Getting help

It might be possible that you are stuck on a question, or you believe there is an error in the content or question of a module. In such cases you can use Electude’s communication tools to send a comment to your teacher or trainer. To do this click on the module and go to the page you have problem with. On the bottom right you will see a speech balloon you can click on.

When you’ve clicked on the speech balloon, a new window will pop-up. You can place your comment there. Make sure to select the right teacher if you have multiple. Your teacher will view your comment and reply at his or hers earliest convenience. If necessary, your teacher is able to contact Electude support.

Migrate account

If you want to migrate your account to another school or company, you can request it with this form. Your results are automatically migrated too. Enter the site (e.g. and the email address of a teacher of the organization you want to migrate to. When the teacher has confirmed your migration, you will receive the renewed account details by email.

Request self-enrollment

When you are logged in as student, you can request access to a group as follows:

 1. Navigate to your learning content and click on ‘Enroll in group’ at the bottom of the submenu.

2. Click on the plus icon and then select the group you would like to join from the drop-down menu.

3. Click ‘Enroll’.

4. Depending on the settings you will be directly enrolled to the group, or the teacher has to approve your request first.

In the list you can see all groups you are enrolled to or have requested to be enrolled to. If you have enrolled yourself to a group, you will be able to remove yourself from the group by clicking on the x icon behind the group in the list.

Logging out

The button (X) for logging out is at the top on the right.