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YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Welcome to Electude

Welcome to Electude

This webinar introduces users to the basics needed for beginning users of Electude. After this training you will be able to get started in Electude as a teacher, know the basics of the Electude’s Learning Management System (LMS), and understand the features of the Modules, Courses, Groups, and Settings tab. Level: Basic Time: 50 minutes (30 presentation, 20 … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Student management

Student management

This beginning level webinars helps users organize students into courses (groups), assign them a voucher and a password, work with assessments, and create a master course and assign to students. After this training, you will be able to add and organize students in Electude and assign content to your student groups in a well-organized way. Level: Basic … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Building courses in Electude

Building courses in Electude

This webinar will show you how to: Copy and re-arrange a pre-defined course. Create and build a self-made course. Hand out the self-created content to a group of students. Review the self-created content as a student. Make optimal use of course locks. Use the DIY tool to upload a file or create a link. After … Continued