Heavy Vehicles

Discovery-based e-learning about heavy vehicles

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicle solutions

Electude recognizes most heavy vehicle students prefer hands-on learning. Therefore, our e-learning platform is uniquely designed around gaming principles.  Utilizing highly interactive animations and simulations that engage and help students learn, through a process of guided self-discovery.

Electude Heavy Vehicle products are comprised of 100’s of interactive, formative lessons designed for practice and learning.  Each lesson is accompanied by a short summative quiz to ensure student understanding, and the achievement of specified lesson outcomes.

Instructors have a host of resources at their fingertips, including individual student and group results with question analytics to help target instruction and remediation.

Electude heavy vehicle products are aligned to ASE’s 2023 medium/heavy truck MTST standards.  Incorporating dozens of digital lab task activities, with comprehensive tracking and completion reporting of MTST priority 1, 2 and 3 tasks.

model of a heavy vehicle motor exterior

Heavy Vehicle Essentials

Discovery-based e-learning for heavy vehicle technology

Built by the successful pioneers of our highly-demanded light vehicles e-learning content, Electude’s Heavy Vehicle modules are specifically designed for today’s digital generation of students and trainees. Our discovery-based and gamified lessons make learning dynamic and effective while keeping students more engaged and motivated than ever before.

Available as: HV Essentials MTST  HV Systems MTST  HV Engines MTST

computer display of heavy vehicle learning module and automotive air flow

What’s included

  • 1,800+ modules
  • Quizzes
  • Lab task sheets
  • E-book

Instructor resources

  • DIY tool
  • Analytics dashboard

Topics covered

  • Fundamentals
  • Diesel Engine Construction and Operation
  • Diesel Engine Performance
  • Truck Transmission and Drive Systems
  • Truck Brake Systems
  • Truck Steering and Suspension Systems
  • Truck Electrical Systems
  • Truck Advanced Electronics
  • Truck Air Conditioning and Electrical Accessories
  • Truck Preventative Maintenance and Inspection
  • Hydraulics

Partner products

Electude has joined with remarkable partners in order to create a unique integrated learning experience. Click on one of our partners to learn more about them.

Our catalog continues to expand. Our latest content includes new modules:

  • Electricity & Electronics
  • HVAC
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Brakes

“Electude is a powerful teaching tool. Even as an experienced teacher, I feel my students have a much higher level of understanding now that we are using Electude.”

Kenneth Adkins, Maine East High School, Park Ridge Illinois, USA