LTI Integration with Electude

The Electude platform is a cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS). Many instructors want to use Electude with their school’s LMS. While Electude works well on its own, it also integrates smoothly with your school’s LMS. Electude uses LTI 1.3 (LTI Advantage) to link and sync gradebooks between our platform and your LMS. Our LTI integration team will ensure that your school’s Electude content is seamlessly integrated. On this page, you can learn more about the capabilities of LTI and how to integrate Electude with your LMS.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With LTI Advantage integration, users can access Electude directly from their LMS without the need for separate login credentials. This Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality simplifies the account creation, login process, saves time, and enhances security.

Automatic user and Electude group creation

With LTI Advantage integration you can enjoy the ease of your Electude groups being automatically created in Electude and when instructors and students lunch into Electude using the integration, their Electude user accounts will also be automatically created.

Automatic Score Synchronization

Electude’s LTI 1.3 integration enables automatic synchronization of assignments and scores from Electude to your LMS. This feature ensures that students’ progress and performance data are consistently updated and readily available for instructors, reducing manual data entry and potential errors.

Enhanced Engagement and Interaction

Integrating Electude with your LMS allows for a more interactive and engaging learning experience. Students can seamlessly switch between Electude’s immersive simulations and their LMS assignments, fostering a dynamic and interactive educational environment.

Scalability and Flexibility

Electude’s LTI integration is designed to be scalable and flexible, catering to institutions of all sizes. Whether you are a small technical school or a large university, Electude can seamlessly integrate with your LMS, accommodating your specific needs and requirements.


Electude’s LTI 1.3 (LTI Advantage)  integration is compatible with a wide range of popular LMS platforms, including but not limited to:







Integrating Electude with your LMS is straightforward and supported by our dedicated technical team. Here’s how you can get started:

Contact Your BDM: Reach out to Business Development Manager (Sales) to express interest in LTI integration. They will help you complete the Integration Request Form and get the process started.

Configuration: Our integration specialist will provide your school’s LMS admin with instructions to configure the LTI integration within your LMS and then meet with them to test it before letting you know that it is ready to start using. Our support team is available to assist with any technical queries or challenges.

Launch and Training: Once configured, you can start incorporating Electude’s resources into your LMS courses. Our customer success team can provide training sessions to ensure that instructors are comfortable with the new setup.

Ongoing Support: Electude offers continuous support to address any issues and ensure that the integration runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality education.