Title: Introducing Electude’s New Classroom Product: A Comprehensive Solution for Automotive Education

Electude recently unveiled its new flagship classroom product, designed to meet the diverse needs of automotive programs at all levels. In this blog, we will delve into the key features of Classroom and how it sets itself apart from Electude’s previous offering, Automotive Essentials.
With a focus on practical learning, Classroom goes beyond theory, providing coverage including diagnosing and repairing today’s automobile. Classroom not only explains the purpose and function of vehicle components but also demonstrates how to replace them and measure their performance. Classroom was developed based on feedback from schools using Automotive Essentials, aiming to cover all aspects of automotive programs, including curriculum, safety, service and repair information, and ASE standards alignment.

Classroom offers a comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond automotive theory. While Automotive Essentials focused on explaining the functionality of automotive components, Classroom takes a practical approach. It not only explains the purpose and function of components like hall sensors but also demonstrates how to replace them and measure their performance. This shift was driven by the feedback from schools that used Automotive Essentials as a supplementary resource. Electude aimed to provide a product that covers every aspect of an automotive program, including curriculum, safety, service and repair information, and hands-on content aligned with the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) standards.
To further enhance the learning experience, Classroom is integrated with partner products such as CCAR e-safety, Career Edge soft skills, Haynes All-Access, and Motologic repair and information platforms. Additionally, Electude introduced Heavy Truck Essentials, catering to the truck repair segment, with a partnership with Diesel Laptops for truck repair information.

Classroom offers an extensive range of courses, covering and organized by ASE areas (A1 to A8). It includes brand new fundamentals modules and 100 modules on hybrid and electric drive vehicles. Classroom was mapped to ASE’s MLR, AST and MAST levels; including 540-study hours in MLR (Maintenance and Light Repair), ___ study hours for AST (Automotive Service Technician), and 1200 study hours for MAST (Master Automotive Service Technician).

Key features of Classroom include lesson and quiz modules, a brand new e-book, lab task sheets that fulfill required coverage of the latest ASE standards, tests, unique Kahoot! questions aligned to Classroom content, and virtual labs. Electude has also introduced How-To modules, which are video-based lessons that guide students through procedures and diagnostics. The Classroom product comes with different pricing options based on the chosen package.

In summary, Electude’s Classroom product offers a comprehensive and practical solution for automotive education. By covering the ASE standards, providing hands-on content, and integrating with partner products, Classroom aims to be a one-stop resource for automotive programs at all levels. With its extensive curriculum, e-book companion guide, and interactive tools, Classroom provides a holistic learning experience for students and supports instructors in their training and implementation efforts.

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