Title: Exploring Electric Vehicle and CCAR: A Summary of Key Concepts

Electude offers a comprehensive Hybrid and Electric Vehicle curriculum that promotes self-paced learningElectude’s \learn by doing approach called ‘guided self-discovery”, allows learners to explore and acquire knowledge at their own pace. Through interactive animations and activities, students engage with realistic simulations that enhance their understanding of complex concepts. In addition to the student course, in partnership with CCAR, we now offer our complete course and CCAR hybrid and electric vehicle training to instructors.

Electude’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle curriculum is comprehensive and up-to-date. tt . With over a hundred lesson modules, students gain knowledge of topics such as CVT and high voltage systems. The curriculum aims to provide students with a bumper-to-bumper understanding of hybrid and electric vehicles.
Electude’s structured lessons incorporate interactive animations and graphics to facilitate student learning. We use simulated scenarios, quizzes, and practical tasks to enable students to apply their knowledge and practice skills in a safe environment. Progression through the lessons is contingent on answering questions correctly, ensuring a thorough comprehension of subject matter.

Electude’s dynamic e-learning system offers several advantages for teachers and students alike. The platform provides a safe environment for experimentation and trial-and-error learning, particularly when working with high-voltage systems and electric vehicles. Students can explore and practice activities without the risk of damaging equipment or endangering themselves. Moreover, the online platform combines interactive lessons with an e-book, delivering a comprehensive learning experience. The use of interactive animations significantly enhances understanding, especially when dealing with abstract technology like electric drive systems.
Our partners at Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair (CCAR) play a significant role in providing safety training to the automotive industry. In collaboration with Electude, CCAR offers an updated EV module focused on safety protocols for instructors. This module provides training that aims to equip instructors with the knowledge and confidence necessary to effectively teach electric vehicle-related topics.

CCAR’s EV module is available to secondary and post-secondary automotive program teachers, as well as instructors affiliated with specific automotive training organizations. Retired instructors and other interested individuals may also request access. Participants who complete the module and pass the post-test with a score of 80% or higher receive a certificate from CCAR.

Through interactive animations and guided self-discovery, students can develop a solid theoretical understanding of electric vehicle systems. CCAR’s EV module enhances instructors’ knowledge and equips them with essential safety protocols. By embracing these resources, educators can effectively prepare students for the evolving world of electric vehicles and contribute to the growth of a skilled workforce in the automotive industry.

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