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YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Welcome to Electude

Welcome to Electude

This webinar introduces users to the basics needed for beginning users of Electude. After this training you will be able to get started in Electude as a teacher, know the basics of the Electude’s Learning Management System (LMS), and understand the features of the Modules, Courses, Groups, and Settings tab. Level: Basic Time: 50 minutes (30 presentation, 20 … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Student management

Student management

This beginning level webinars helps users organize students into courses (groups), assign them a voucher and a password, work with assessments, and create a master course and assign to students. After this training, you will be able to add and organize students in Electude and assign content to your student groups in a well-organized way. Level: Basic … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Building courses in Electude

Building courses in Electude

This webinar will show you how to: Copy and re-arrange a pre-defined course. Create and build a self-made course. Hand out the self-created content to a group of students. Review the self-created content as a student. Make optimal use of course locks. Use the DIY tool to upload a file or create a link. After … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Grading and certification in Electude

Grading and certification in Electude

This webinar focuses upon using Electude for grading and analytics. The focus is on tools to automate gathering scores, locking test, exporting scores, teaming students for assignments, using certificates, using our response analysis tool and our module filters. After this training, you will be able to understand how to use Electude’s grading and analytics tools, know … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Electude Administrator

Electude Administrator

This course is designed to help those new to the Administrator role succeed with Electude. Topics include setting up and taking down teacher accounts and teacher rights, importing groups of students, and customization of a site by the Administrator. After this training, you will be able to carry out initial setup and review the privacy settings … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: DIY tool

DIY tool

This webinar helps Electude users put our DIY tool to work. Learn the types of content one can build and how to add videos, images, assessments and even engine simulator faults. After this training, you will be able to create your own lessons, task sheets, tests and simulator faults from scratch by using the DIY (do … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Electude Simulator

Electude Simulator

Webinars on demand: Electude Simulator This webinar is designed to introduce you to the features of our Engine Management Simulator. Become familiar with the work order, the various diagnostic and repair tools, learn to assign and grade activities. You will also learn how to arrange simulator activities into self-made courses and to build your own … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Beginning Canvas integration

Beginning Canvas integration

Beginning Canvas integration This is our introductory webinar for those getting started using Electude integrated into Canvas. You will learn the most important first step —  how to activate the link to the Electude LMS and Canvas. Also explained are various beginning-level topics including how to create a deep link for student access, triggering synchronization … Continued



YouTube thumbnail Webinar: Advanced Canvas integration

Advanced Canvas integration

Advanced Canvas integration This advanced level webinar teaches topics including scoring options (grading tasks, normalizing scores, modification of account-level result notifications, removing student attempts updated after the fact), courses and sub courses versus modules, assignment of links, resetting student accounts, assigning Engine Simulator faults properly, managing users and groups and other topics. A question-and-answer session … Continued